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A luxury conscious fashion label. Creating awareness and education on social issues through fashion, engaging fashion and politics. All designed and handmade in London by the designer herself. Making you feel and look like a changemaker. 

Exploring the current social issues that impact us, travelling to the country of source, evolve the report into our designs and this creates a conversation between us all through our FASHION WITH A MESSAGE, for you to spread our positive messages with your family and friends. 

TASLIMA K is an Award winning Fashion Label.

Award winner of Rising Star 'Entrepreneurship and Startup' 2020

Award winner of WinTrade 'Women in Fashion' 2019  

100 Power List 2018

Finalist at Precious Awards 'Young Entrepreneur Of The Year' 2018

Award winner of Uprising ‘Most Powerful Campaign" 2016 presented by Jon Snow

Award winner of Asos and Clothes Show Live Designer Award 2014.

Finalist at FDC Young Designer Award 'Radical Designer' 2013

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Founder/Fashion Designer/Artivist- Taslima Khan


Taslima Khan is a creative professional, who self taught sewing leading to BA(Hons) Fashion Design And Marketing. Bringing together her creative life with her passion for human rights Activism.

TASLIMA K is a label with a purpose to make a positive impact to this world.

She found Fashion to be hugely influential and accessible to everyone and a great conversation starter. Represent who you are, bringing together two of her interests fashion and politics to create change, a mind shift to the fashion industry.

Taslima is a young Leader who is involved in various social action campaigns, volunteering with charities and NGO’s. Recalling her work with Envision at the age of 16, campaigning on going green, fair trade, multi-cultural events and enterprise- when she started a company ‘Toute Le Monde’ tuck shop at school with her friends selling jewellery and screen printed T-shirt service. Selected onto Uprising Leadership program 2013, where her passion in working on social action campaigns encouraged her to further see how she can create change, developing her social entrepreneurial skills. Taslima has been on ambassador roles for Uprising and O2 Think Big. Worked with Unltd on exploring leadership retreats, created various social action campaigns with O2 think big, OneBC, Remembering Srebrenica charity to name a few. Taslima is one of the authors of Kenny Report 3 ‘Personalised Politics’ (Gender inequality), working on community based projects and public speaking. This is where her artivism to help others come from.  She expresses her passion through her art of fashion, wanting to make a positive change in this world.

TASLIMA K is one of the leaders in its niche field of FASHION and POLITICS. Creating unique range of clothing with unexpected stories, spreading a positive message to show change can be made by us. Everything within TASLIMA K is researched, designed, patterncut and handmade by Taslima.

TASLIMA K has received various positive local to international press coverage in different platforms of media acknowledging her TASLIMA K movement.

It started with one dream which lead to another, it’s never the end of the world, and you can always pick yourself up and create a new opportunity as long as you understand who you are and what you believe.

The power of the mind set allows you to be who you want to be.


Signing out TASLIMA K


‘When you learn, teach, when you get, give.’ Maya Angelou