We are more than just a Fashion label. Fashion that gives you a deeper purpose than just the exterior image, making you feel and look like a changemaker. We create awareness on different social issues through each fashion collection, engaging fashion and politics. Yes! FASHION + POLITICS.

We explore the current social issues that impact us, evolve the ideas into our designs and this creates a conversation between young people through our FASHION WITH A MESSAGE, for you to spread our positive messages with your family and friends. Involving the next generation to be part of politics through what they wear.

TASLIMA K is an Award winning Fashion Label.

TASLIMA K focuses on luxurious womenswear and exclusive menswear pieces. We create high fashion avant-garde wearable yet fashionable clothing, with attention to detail for individual women and men. Who like to stand out from the crowd.  Providing bespoke one-off pieces and ready to wear fashion. All designed and hand made in London. Imagine if you could teach about politics through fashion, wearing our clothes will impact more engagement with politics and young people. We also give back to the source of our inspiration.

Founder/ Fashion Designer/ Artivist-  Taslima Khan is a creative, ambitious, independent woman herself, which is reflected throughout her designs. She designs; pattern cuts and makes the garments herself. Her vision is to grow TASLIMA K as an international Haute Couture label with a purpose to make a positive impact to this world.

With the backing from The Princes Trust, the brand has only grown stronger and within 6 months have started on the second collection, featured in various magazines with former Miss England, Miss Jamaica and international Malaysian supermodel wearing  TASLIMA K.

Award winner of Uprising ‘Most Powerful Campaign 2016’ presented by Jon Snow and winner of Asos and Clothes Show Live Designer Award 2014.

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Founder/Fashion Designer/Artivist- Taslima Khan



Life has its own plan! 

Her first love was on the court with Basketball, chasing her dream to be the best she can be. Training from a young age whilst other girls wanted to play with their dolls, she had a focus to be a professional basketball player. Hoping to travel to Miami for a basketball summer camp to follow onto a high school after her GCSE’s, but her plans did not follow through due to circumstances. The reality hit hard, that her dream of becoming a professional basketball player will not happen. She continued to play for her borough and national league level team with a shattered dream.

This is when she decided to focus her frustration on to her other love DANCE, the determination and freedom of expression gained her a lot of attention from scouts and choreographers, leading her to land a career in professional dancing, acting and modelling whilst studying.

With a hope of staying in the sports field, she went onto doing her A-levels, she studied Sports Science as a subject along with Textiles as she was naturally good at designing clothes and self taught to sew. Another disruption was encountered when her sports science teacher decided to kick her off the course, as she didn’t appreciate Taslima gaining advice from a different teacher. This was the last straw, shattered and heartbroken of a sports career. She had no choice in the matter, but this opened her eyes onto what was always there; the other love FASHION. She went onto University to study BA (Hons) Fashion Design and Marketing which was not a smooth sailing journey, full of ups and downs, with lecturers undermining her choice of studying fashion instead of dance. This was more of a battle of power and struggle to express. She used basketball and dance to get through university, where she felt restricted.

Throughout all of these obstacles she started to learn more about herself, using her life skills learnt on a basketball court and the dance studio, she was disciplined, ambitious and confident not to let anything get her down, disrupt her dream and break her belief in herself.

When you could easily give up because your situations let you down, this is when you have to decide if you want to RISE or FALL. She chose to RISE and GO against the odds.

Taslima used her University bursary money to invest into her first brand “My Proof clothing” dancewear label. She worked on this brand whilst studying and performing as a dancer. She advertised the label with her fellow professional dancers, wearing the brand to promote at shows and gain recognition within the industry.

Bringing her back to square one after graduating her degree, something no one mentions before starting university, the thought that a magical job is waiting for you in the end. NO, NOT THE CASE! She found herself struggling to find a job within the fashion industry. The mission in life of a creative after a 5 year degree, Taslima has interned with Ralph Lauren Europe HQ ‘Assistant Buyer’ role, Gandys Flip Flops ‘Designer/marketing/PR,’ Fashion designer – Ada Zanditon – ‘Design/Pattern cutting/Marketing,’ Sweaty Betty ‘Marketing strategy.’ Also Fashion styling for fashion shows, to name a few; LFW, AFW, LMC- Superdry, Clothes Show Live London, Designer Look Books, Magazine Editorials and Celebrity Styling.

Taslima knew this is not where she is meant to be. The false hope of a permanent job after her internships was the moment she realised she should work on building her own brand and respect her own talent.

She created TASLIMA K using her graduate collection ‘GIRL GANG’ spreading the message of ‘Female Empowerment’ Inspired by Basketball and Dance. This collection was used to promote the brand in different fashion shows and exhibition. First show she did was in Birmingham for a Harvey Nichols competition where she got to the finals, coming second place. This encouraged her to develop this collection and showcase at major fashion events.


Taslima used her platform as a performer; dancing, choreographing, acting, modelling and styling to build relationships within the industry promoting her as a brand and creating relationships. She realised she needed to utilise all her creative skills to build her dream. She self taught all areas of the business, learning from others and loves to learn something new every day still.


We wear clothes every day, we are a walking advertisement, this is when Taslima realised what a perfect way to express about politics and engage with our generation.  This is how we are perceived through our appearance first. She found Fashion to be hugely influential and accessible to everyone and a great conversation starter. Represent who you are, bringing together two of her interests fashion and politics to create change, a mind shift to the fashion industry.

Taslima is a young Leader who is involved in various social action campaigns, volunteering with charities and NGO’s. Recalling her work with Envision at the age of 16, campaigning on going green, fair trade, multi-cultural events and enterprise- when she started a company ‘Toute Le Monde’ tuck shop at school with her friends selling jewellery and screen printed T-shirt service. Selected onto Uprising Leadership program 2013, where her passion in working on social action campaigns encouraged her to further see how she can create change and developing her social entrepreneurial skills. Taslima has been on ambassador roles for Uprising and O2 Think Big. Worked with Unltd on exploring leadership retreats, created various social action campaigns with O2 think big, OneBC, Remembering Srebrenica charity to name a few. Taslima is one of the authors of Kenny Report 3 ‘Personalised Politics’ (Gender inequality), working on community based projects and public speaking. This is where her artivism to help others come from.  She expresses her passion through her art of fashion, wanting to make a positive change in this world.

Taslima is supported by Prince’s trust they have helped her to launch TASLIMA K with support and advice. Currently TASLIMA K is stocked in the prince’s trust Tomorrow’s store after a successful month of pop up. TASLIMA K also won a 9 months bursary with Bathtub 2 boardroom landing her in a free office space in the heart of London, providing support.

TASLIMA K is one of the leaders in its niche field of FASHION and POLITICS. Creating unique range of clothing with unexpected stories, spreading a positive message to show change can be made by us. Everything within TASLIMA K is researched, designed, patterncut and handmade by Taslima.

TASLIMA K has received various positive local to international press coverage in different platforms of media acknowledging her TASLIMA K movement.

Award winner of Asos and Clothes Show Live Designer 2014

Award winner of Uprisers ‘Most Powerful Campaign 2016’ Presented by Jon Snow

TASLIMA K was never created on the basis of just fashion; it started with the purpose of wanting to make a change in our society leading to the world. To engage with young people and show them they are part of the change, making fashion that is seen to be superficial to actually being meaningful.

Not only does TASLIMA K create fashionable clothing, also creates awareness on the social issue through events; exhibitions, shows, creating a platform for young creative’s to showcase their talents, young entrepreneurs to share knowledge, provide opportunities for other young creative’s to collaborate, creating fashion films and promote positive art. Taslima Khan herself also provides mentorship to young people, workshops and motivational talks at events, schools, colleges and universities to encourage young people to follow their dreams, believe in themselves and create a change in this world.

To date, Taslima Khan & TASLIMA K fashion label has worked with a number of high profile people.


It started with one dream which lead to another, it’s never the end of the world, and you can always pick yourself up and create a new opportunity as long as you understand who you are and what you believe.

The power of the mind set allows you to be who you want to be.


Signing out TASLIMA K


‘When you learn, teach, when you get, give.’ Maya Angelou